Scaring Your Kids With Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

I recently bought Himalayan pink salt lamps. Starting homeschool, we need all the positive energy we can get, pretty much all that is available on the Earth. When I read that they help with stress, purify the air, eliminate dust, and increase energy I was sold. There are also thousands of positive reviews and most importantly they eliminate electromagnetic radiation from the technology in the home. Something I’ve been concerned about with the wireless internet always on and the amount of technology my family is exposed to. I bought a two pack and really love them.

So here comes the trouble. Not with the Himalayan pink salt lamps, I really do like them and feel a difference when I put them on. It’s with the story that I told my kids so they wouldn’t touch the lamps…

The lamp is on a ledge in the kitchen. The baby started wanted to grab it and I imagined it being thrown across the room. It’s always all fun and games until we end up in the emergency room or someone loses an eye. Naturally, I told the kids that if you touch the lamp more than 5 times a magic fairy comes at night and turns you into stone. They had already touched the lamp once or twice each so I figured five was fair. So there the kids are staring at me, trying to read if I’m being serious. My middle says he’s only touched it twice. The baby is taking this all in. Then my oldest and only girl, being the fierce, brave, and feisty young woman that I am proud to be raising, touches the lamp 5 times in a row. I look at her shocked. She says to me, “You weren’t serious Mommy, were you?”. So I have to go with the story. I can’t let them know that I’m lying, that opens the door for everything I say to be questioned. I want to enjoy Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny for a few more years. I look down and try not to laugh. She will be such a leader someday but at times it’s frustrating that she is so fearless as a child. I look at all three of them and say, “I can’t believe she did that. You all better say goodbye.” She so calmly states, “I know you were lying.” I tell her, “We will just have to wait and see.”

Then, we go on with our night, read books and do the whole bedtime routine. She seems very worried before bed. I am more worried about my boys touching the lamp and using it as a football so I explain to her that I was lying but not to tell the boys. Still the worried look. I reassure her that I would never let anything happen to her and I would fight the stone fairy, but even so, I was making up a story. She still looks unsure. Finally, I tell her she can sleep in my bed and I will protect her.

I have been such a stickler since my kids were about two weeks old about them sleeping in their own beds. I need space when I sleep or I will get none. It’s how I needed to care for myself as a mother. This was the first time that my daughter slept in my room. The next night my middle son wanted to sleep in my bed, just to be sure he wouldn’t turn to stone, and of course, I let him. I scared my own children into sleeping in my bed and it was too of the worst nights of sleep for me. I do love the salt lamps, but I won’t be making up any more stories about stone fairies, even though the kids are a little worried and haven’t touched the lamps since.

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