Growth Mindset: A Goodbye Party

As our homeschool day comes to an end, I wanted to do a quick post about a “goodbye party” that we celebrated today.  We wanted to say GOODBYE to all the words that I hear way too often from the kids, “I can’t”, “too hard”, “I won’t”, and “I’m no good”.  I told the kids we were having a party today after our work.  We made a cake in the morning together.  I let it cool, we did math, reading, and a STEM activity.  Then, we went on a hike and played nature bingo.  When we came home I began to decorate the cake.  My daughter came over to me as I was writing the phrases on the cake and said, “hey, that’s all the things we say.”  “EXACTLY.”, I thought,  “ALL THE THINGS WE NEED TO STOP SAYING.”  But she still really didn’t know what was going on, so I kept quiet and finished the decorating.


The finished cake looked like this.  I sat them at the table and told them they couldn’t have a piece unless they PROMISED not to say these words again.

We pinky swore, of course, and then I had them raise their right hands and recite the following:

“I will not say, “I can’t”, because I can, I just have to try.  If I make a mistake, that’s okay because I’m learning.”

“I will not say anything is “too hard”, I will try and give it my best.”

“I will not say “I won’t”, I never know what I can do if I don’t try.”

“I will not say, “I’m no good”, because I can become good at anything with practice.”

After the recited this, we blew out the candles and said wished the words farewell.

My son asked, “If I double promise not to say the words, could I have an extra piece of cake?”

“Absolutely”, I replied.

He went for a triple promise, but after two pieces forgot about that.

So today we are having our cake and eating it too, and hopefully losing these DIRTY WORDS from our vocabulary!

Change your words, change your mindset!


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