Differentiating Vocabulary to Reach All Students in Social Studies and Science

  Teachers need to reach students of all ability levels in one classroom. You have English Language Learners, gifted students, and each one of your students has different background experiences that play a role in how they receive information. You may have support for reading and math classes. Since these subjects are assessed using standardized Read More


Growth Mindset: A Goodbye Party

As our homeschool day comes to an end, I wanted to do a quick post about a “goodbye party” that we celebrated today.  We wanted to say GOODBYE to all the words that I hear way too often from the kids, “I can’t”, “too hard”, “I won’t”, and “I’m no good”.  I told the kids Read More


DIY Bulletin Board for Under $7

  One of the things I really wanted in homeschool was a bulletin board.  I have a great place to hang artwork in my house, but I also wanted somewhere to put their work, brag tags, and display my teachers pay teachers products if needed.  I decided to make a bulletin board.  I wasn’t sure Read More


Glue Sponges

  All teachers know the struggle of the glue.  It runs out quickly, it’s a mess, glue caps are lost, etc.  Anything that can go wrong with glue, will go wrong.  It never seems like there is enough and I know personally I’m always running out to get more, not matter how much you have. Read More


Mom or Teacher? A reversible sign for homeschool

One of the biggest challenges is for my kids to see me as their mom or teacher.  I’m very happy that my children know that I love them (must be doing something right), but they also tend to walk all over me because of it.  I know you other moms know what I’m talking about Read More


Sidewalk Chalk Sight Word Tic-Tac-Toe

My little cherubs were out for the afternoon and I decided to set up a surprise for them – Sight Word Tic-Tac-Toe!  I moved the car out of the driveway and went to work. I made tic-tac-toe boards and wrote two sight words beside or above each board.  One sight word would represent the X Read More

Fingerprint Art

Fingerprint Art

As one of our art projects, we took out fingerprint art books from the library. I got an inkpad and the kids followed the directions in the books. I highly recommend these books. It was so much fun. They reinforce reading, following directions, and incorporated art! The kids had a blast making them. It was Read More


Reading Challenge

Homeschool is officially finished. We were done school in early June, but weren’t actually complete until we finished our reading challenge. Disclaimer:  We would have finished this challenge much earlier if we were better at recording our books. Much. Earlier.  Something to work on. We recorded the books that my students (AKA those kids) read Read More


Park Science Experiments: Friction

As the weather gets nicer, I’m trying to get out as much as possible. We recently took our science to the park. We read a book about friction and the decided to test it out. Our experiment was to see if we could slow down or speed up a quarter by putting different materials on Read More

salt lamp

Scaring Your Kids With Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

I recently bought Himalayan pink salt lamps. Starting homeschool, we need all the positive energy we can get, pretty much all that is available on the Earth. When I read that they help with stress, purify the air, eliminate dust, and increase energy I was sold. There are also thousands of positive reviews and most Read More