Bucket Fillers and Dippers

Bucket Fillers and Dippers

In preparation for home school I made a positive behavior reward system based on the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids, by Carol McCloud. The basic concept of this book is that every person carries around an invisible bucket. You can either do things that add to the person’s bucket to make them feel good, being a bucket filler, or you can do mean things that take away from another person’s bucket, being a bucket dipper.  There are a lot of videos of the book being read on youtube.

We want bucket fillers in our house, and the great thing is when you are a bucket filler, you fill your own bucket too because it feels good to make other’s feel good. This is in the metaphorical sense, of which I created a concrete version. Here’s what it looks like:


I made the documents, laminated them, and put them on the side of a large mason jar with tape.  Velcro would be my next choice, but they haven’t budged with just regular tape.

I am more than happy to email anyone these documents if you contact me! You can also customize them to fit your needs.

The large jar will be filled with balls each time the kids are being bucket fillers and a ball will be taken away when the kids are being bucket dippers (mostly the case right now as they scream and destroy my house while I write this). I’m also using this for our field trips. When we fill the jar or bucket we will take a special trip. I added clear behavior expectations to each side of the jar for what it means to be a bucket filler or dipper.

Bucket Fillers Bucket Dippers
Be respectful to each other

Listen to Mommy

Give a compliment

Give hugs or kisses

Be caring

Help each other

Be a kind brother or sister

Help clean up and do chores

Call people names – even if they aren’t here!

Say bad words or mean things

Being a bully

Tattling to get someone in trouble

Making fun of someone

Hurting someone with hands or biting

Pushing or shoving

Telling someone they can’t play with you

Here are pictures of these description cards on the side of the mason jar.

IMG_1028 IMG_1029

I highly recommend the book for children of all ages. It is a great social story resource. While I’m adding this to our homeschool, any parent could use to add structure and clear behavior expectations to attempt a smoother running home with small children. Mommas know that struggle is real, beyond real actually, it’s freaking unreal and makes me want to pull my hair out. Which, I’ll admit I do sometimes…… 🙂

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