DIY Bulletin Board for Under $7

  One of the things I really wanted in homeschool was a bulletin board.  I have a great place to hang artwork in my house, but I also wanted somewhere to put their work, brag tags, and display my teachers pay teachers products if needed.  I decided to make a bulletin board.  I wasn’t sure Read More


Glue Sponges

  All teachers know the struggle of the glue.  It runs out quickly, it’s a mess, glue caps are lost, etc.  Anything that can go wrong with glue, will go wrong.  It never seems like there is enough and I know personally I’m always running out to get more, not matter how much you have. Read More

Fingerprint Art

Fingerprint Art

As one of our art projects, we took out fingerprint art books from the library. I got an inkpad and the kids followed the directions in the books. I highly recommend these books. It was so much fun. They reinforce reading, following directions, and incorporated art! The kids had a blast making them. It was Read More

Paint splatter header

Disney Silhouette Paint Splatter Art

Disney Silhouette Paint Splatter Art! To say our Disney melted crayon art project did not work out is an understatement (see previous post: The Truth About Melted Crayon Art: Do Not Attempt with Children).  So we turned that frown right upside down and decided to go with a simpler project, paint splatter art, still you Read More

Header Melted Crayon Art

The Truth About Melted Crayon Art – Do not attempt with children

Melted crayon art, the new craze. It looks like something cool and easy that you could do with the kids as a weekend art project. That’s what I thought anyway. The truth is, it’s not quick or easy and I have huge respect for anyone that actually completed a melted crayon art project. Extra respect Read More

DIY Car Collage

DIY Tutorial Little Tykes Cozy Coupe Car Makeover- Batman and Wonder Woman Cars

Last summer I made over two of the old Little Tykes Cozy Coupe cars. The red and yellow ones I that were part of most of our 80s and 90s childhoods. I got both of them at garage sales.  I have two boys and a girl so I wanted to create something gender neutral, SUPERHEROS! Read More