Disney Silhouette Paint Splatter Art

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Disney Silhouette Paint Splatter Art!

To say our Disney melted crayon art project did not work out is an understatement (see previous post: The Truth About Melted Crayon Art: Do Not Attempt with Children).  So we turned that frown right upside down and decided to go with a simpler project, paint splatter art, still you using the Disney Silhouettes.   I printed the Disney silhouettes for free at – Clipart Panda.

It was messy but much easier and actually enjoyable for myself and the kids.

We used painter’s tape to tape off the general area that the Disney silhouette would go.  I don’t necessarily think that you would have to do this step.  If you wait until the paint dries and then glue your image over it, you would get the same effect.  That’s probably what I would do if we did this again.

Paint Splatter 3Paint Splatter 1

I watered down acrylic paint and we took everything out in the yard.  I really don’t mind craft messes.  My house is always in a constant state of leftover craft mess, but even I wouldn’t do this inside.

I had the kids shake out each paint brush and quickly showed them how to splatter.  It’s just throwing the paint on the canvas.  We tried different distances to see how it splattered.  You definitely want to use bigger sized paint brushes.  The small ones don’t give you a big splatter.

My babes were professionals immediately.  I had them spread out so they didn’t splatter each other or fight that they got paint on each other’s canvas.  And, as always, I got in on the fun myself.  Random art projects are one the main reasons I had children. 😉

Paint Splatter 2Paint Splatter 4

We took off the painter’s tape and glued our Disney silhouettes back into place.  Voila!  Easy and simple kids art that we can use for the playroom.  You really can’t mess this up, which is perfect for us!

Paint Spatter Final



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