DIY Tutorial Little Tykes Cozy Coupe Car Makeover- Batman and Wonder Woman Cars

DIY Car Collage

Last summer I made over two of the old Little Tykes Cozy Coupe cars. The red and yellow ones I that were part of most of our 80s and 90s childhoods. I got both of them at garage sales.  I have two boys and a girl so I wanted to create something gender neutral, SUPERHEROS!

I made stencils from printouts online of the Wonder Woman and Batman logos. I printed the logos and cut out the middle. I cut cardboard and used painter’s tape to tape the cardboard around the edges of the logo. The cardboard outline allowed me to just get the logo and keep extra paint from getting on the surfaces.   Here are my stencils after being used with paint.



Then, I took the cars apart. They are held together by two screws located at the back. Unscrew those screws and the plastic pieces easily pop apart.  I tied plastic bags over the wheels to cover them from being painted.

Car apart Car Apart 2 Wheels


I used Krylon spray paint that adheres to all surfaces. I love spray paint and always keep a lot of colors on hand. I chose the colors based on what I had the most of at the time.  You’ll notice some of the logos are in different colors, as I ran out of paint.

I painted the bottoms, tops, and doors of each car separately with several coats to make sure it would hold up to weather. We don’t always bring them in every night.

I let these dry overnight and then went to town with my logo stencils.

After the stencils, I put the cars back together, and I finished it with a clear Krylon finishing spray, to seal the paint and also help with weathering.

The finished project turned out wonderful and the kids love it! Why drive around in a plain car when you can have the BAT-MOBILE or a WONDER-CAR?

BM Collage WW Collage

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