Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt – Free Download and Print

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt, especially one that rhymes?  Add some fun to Easter morning with this short and easy scavenger hunt to find baskets!

I am making very modest, dollar store baskets for my kids and I wanted to spice it up with a short scavenger hunt to find them. There are only so many more years when they will enjoy this type of thing and not just humor me. The excitement of small children is such a joy.

My clues are below and you can download and print the file, if you want to use it in your home…just click here – Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

I added instructions on where to put all the clues. Hopefully the clues can be used in most homes. Below is an outline of the clues and instructions to preview, but if you click on the file I added some Easter bunny clipart.


Here’s a simple Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt for parents to use to make Easter morning a little more fun for small children! Hide the Easter basket in the child’s bedroom closet when they are sleeping and close the door. Print out the clues and cut them apart. Then proceed with the following instructions:

  1. Place the introduction on your child’s door with clue #1
  2. Place Clue #2 on a kitchen chair
  3. Place Clue #3 in a couch cushion or around the couch
  4. Place Clue #4 in your child’s shoe
  5. Place Clue #5 in the bathroom
  6. Place Clue #6 on top of the washer/dryer
  7. Clue #6 leads to the child’s closet

Happy Basket Hunting!


The Easter Bunny came to say, “Have a Happy Easter Day!”

We celebrate the day that Jesus is risen,

With a basket of treats the Bunny has given,

Use the clues to see if you can find

The basket he left with treats of all kind


Clue #1

Start by going out of your room

To a place where we often use a broom

It’s where we have good things to eat

The next clue will be right in a seat.


Clue #2

You’ve found clue one!

So far a good job is done!

The next clue will be,

In a comfy spot where you watch TV

You may have to check in every nook

To find the clue for which you look


Clue #3

Here you are at clue number three,

Now the clues may not be easy!

The next clue is in something you put on your feet,

Better check in them all to find the next clue and get your treat!

Clue #4

Good job finding clue number four,

Three more to go that won’t be a bore!

Your next clue will take you to a place,

Where you wash your dirty face,

And you brush your pearly whites

Try to find it and you might!


Clue #5

You’re doing great!

Easter treats are your fate!

The next clue is where we wash your clothes

You’ll find it there, look just above your nose.


Clue #6

You made it to the very last clue,

The final thing that you must do!

The Easter basket is hidden inside

A small space in your room where clothes reside

Find it there and you will enjoy

lots of treats and goodies galore!



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