Glue Sponges



All teachers know the struggle of the glue.  It runs out quickly, it’s a mess, glue caps are lost, etc.  Anything that can go wrong with glue, will go wrong.  It never seems like there is enough and I know personally I’m always running out to get more, not matter how much you have.

I found this idea through Kindergarten Smorgasboard who said he found it through Pinterest.  It looked like a great idea to start homeschool with and I definitely would have done it if I was still in the classroom.  I had the kids, included my preschooler, make these themselves.  Super easy, quick and one bottle of glue will last us the entire year!

To make the glue sponges, you need about a bottle of glue for each, sponges, and small tupperware containers.  I used old sandwich containers since we aren’t packing lunches anymore, but anything about that size will work.  We got the sponges in a six pack for about three dollars at Walmart.


How to Make Glue Sponges

First, we cut the sponges to fit in the sandwich containers.  One sponge and half of another was a good fit for the containers.

IMG_3379 IMG_3382

Then, we took the sponges out and poured about half of a bottle of glue into the bottom of the container.


Next, we put the sponges in on top of the glue.

Finally, we poured the glue left in the bottle on top of the sponges.



Now all students or kids at home have to do is dip what they have to glue on top of the glue sponge.  They can get the right amount and it will last a lot longer than a bottle of glue or a glue stick would!  One container with glue sponges can also be used for many kids.  In the classroom, you could do one per table.

Since our glue sponges were finished, we decided to try them out.  I printed a free cut and paste activity from Small Town Giggles on TpT.


I wouldn’t recommend using them right away.  Give the glue some time to absorb in the sponge.  Another tip is if they start to smell add a little bit of mouth wash.  If we come to that, I will let you know.  The kids liked making them and I’m anxious to see how they work out throughout the year.


What do you think about the glue sponge?  Is this something you could see using in the classroom or homeschool?

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