Handmade Compliments: No Cost Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

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I’ve been really down lately.  It’s been pretty hard to smile.  When I find it hard to smile, I find that the best cure is to make other people smile.  Therefore, we started spring break by making handmade compliments, giving them out to random people, and also placing them on cars.

This idea came from the Kid President, a youtube.com sensation.  He also wrote a book, The Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome.  The book gives 100 ways to be awesome or make the world more awesome, mostly including ways to make other people’s days more awesome.  His idea was to give out handmade awards, we decided on handmade compliments.  I had looked up random acts of kindness for kids and most of them included something I would have to spend money on.  I’m broke as a joke, so that also went into the decision to make the compliments with things we already had.

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My little ninjas and I cut strips of paper and wrote compliments on them.  After making the compliments, I laminated them using my favorite household appliance, my Scotch Laminator with pouches.  We love to laminate!  The kids really enjoyed decorating and for the most part writing the compliments.  My oldest, the girl, loved writing and making the compliments, but she did not want to hand them out.  My middle and most spirited child had a fit about making them, but eventually did, however, was more enthusiastic about handing them out.  My youngest ninja was there to add adventure to the experience and give me a workout by chasing him through the parking lots and stores where we handed them out.  I placed the parking compliments on cars that we parked near.  It was a really fun and uplifting experience overall!  I hope my kids learned that it is best to do all we can to brighten someone else’s day.  The best part was seeing the surprise and smiles of random strangers.  We also wanted to make the compliments a little silly, because laughter is the best medicine and leaves a lasting impression. 🙂

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“Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love.” ~Mother Teresa

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