High Interest, Low Level Reading Passages

As a special education teacher, one of my greatest needs was high interest, low level reading passages.
Students already know they are behind, they feel that pain, the last thing a struggling student wants to see if a reading assignment that is "babyish".
A lot of students don't even understand why they need reading.  I once had a high school student, while holding a cell phone in his hand and reading a text message, say to me, "Ms. Brennan, when I am every going to need reading anyway?"  REALLY??  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
After pointing out the obvious, I realized many students don't understand all the ways they will use reading skills and how vital they will be to their success in the future.
Many students are not interested in reading, because they haven't found the right materials.  Passages they can relate to and that are meaningful to them.  Real word passages about things they can relate to while they develop the necessary reading skills to succeed.
I've developed high interest, low level reading passages about subjects that are of interest to upper elementary school through high school students reading at lower elementary levels.
As I continue to develop these reading passage packs and post them in my store, I will place a sample from each pack in the FREE RESOURCE CENTER and post about it here.

Their are currently two samples in the FREE RESOURCE CENTER, a Michael Jordan sample from the Famous Failures pack, and a Skateboarding sample from the Extreme Sports Pack.

Reading Passages and activities  include all the areas of effective reading instruction:

Fluency, Comprehension, Phonics, Vocabulary, Phonemic Awareness

I'm so excited to share these with you.

Readers become leaders.