My #Iwishmyteacherknew Mistakes…and a freebie!


I remember seeing “I wish my teacher knew” ideas on Pinterest a few years ago.  Without any planning or research, I thought it was a cute idea and that I should try it in my classroom.  I had NO IDEA there was a book, suggestions, and a whole community around this!

I just quickly added a little sign to an empty tissue box and gave the kids post-its.  I did a quick community building activity and then had the children share after putting something in the box.

Fast forward two years later…. when this book caught my eyes as I browsed through the library shelves.  I was surprised and decided I should check it out.  As I went through the book, I realized this was actually a movement and I should have done a lot of things better.

First, the responses that I received from my students were mostly compliments to me.  I do like to hear compliments but I didn’t know how to get deeper responses.  I also didn’t give it a lot of time to develop.  The book beautifully outlines how these responses will develop over time and repetition of the activity.

I also didn’t give my students enough control.  My students did not mind sharing their responses because they weren’t personal and they were all very similar.  While I did give examples, I wasn’t clear and consistent enough with the activity.  The students were able to share their responses and everyone obliged.  In the book by Kyle Schwartz, she gives a nice teacher’s guide.  One of the best recommendations is that the students have options when sharing.  Students are more likely to share when they feel they can be anonymous or are given the option to share with the teacher instead of the entire class.

I’ve created a template that I plan to use in the classroom going forth.  It is available for free in the FREE RESOURCE CENTER.  Just log in and download!

I Wish My Teacher Knew shares heartwarming stories and describes how to make meaningful connections with students from all different backgrounds.  This one question and activity can really build relationships between students and teachers that foster and encourage learning in all aspects of the classroom.

I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything for Our Kids


I am so excited to have explored this resource and to implement this going forward.

What are you experiences with #Iwishmyteacherknew?

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