Mom or Teacher? A reversible sign for homeschool


One of the biggest challenges is for my kids to see me as their mom or teacher.  I’m very happy that my children know that I love them (must be doing something right), but they also tend to walk all over me because of it.  I know you other moms know what I’m talking about here.  They whine, they cry, they act out in ways they never would for other people.  I’ve read that children hold their emotions in during the day in different situations and when they see their mother, it all comes spilling out.  Most moms have had the experience of picking their child up from daycare, grandparents, or a babysitter, and they starting acting out immediately or crying.  The person watching them says, “I don’t understand, they were perfectly behaved all day.  I’ve never seen them act like this, I could never imagine it otherwise, they are so well behaved.”  Meanwhile, this is the behavior that you see the most as their mother and you do a brain roll (brain roll = when you roll your eyes inside your head so no one can see).  My own mother recently told me that she thinks my kids are mild-mannered.  I agree that when they are in public or in front of strangers, they can be.  We do have occasional meltdowns in public, but for the most part I get a lot of compliments on how well behaved they are.  At home, totally different story.  It’s a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde situation.  This has nothing to do with how your discipline your children.  The most consistent mother will have this, it’s just how children work.  And if you say you don’t, I wouldn’t believe you or if you say it wouldn’t happen to you then you obviously don’t have children (and God help you when you do).  I am consistent.  We have rules and consequences.  I went to school for teaching and it has such a carryover to parenting.  I am trained to control a large number of kids at the same time and it still happens to me.

Now that I made the psychotic decision to homeschool, I knew this was going to be a problem.  I had to find some way for them to see me as a “teacher” and not just their mom.  I was returning from a conference and speaking with a gentleman on the plane – shout out to the guy I will never see again.  I was explaining this dilemma to him and he said that I should make a mom/teacher sign and just lay down the law that I am a teacher between certain hours and a mom the others.  It was a little mansplainish, but excusable.  I also wish the line was that cut and dry, but it never will be.  Even when I am their teacher, I am still their mom.  But, I also thought that it would be cute to have a mom/teacher sign and it would let them know that they have to think of me in a slightly different way.  So I made one.  You can get it for free in my teachers pay teachers store here.  I made it in two different color schemes.


I hung it above my desk and introduced it on the first day of homeschool.  So far, my kids like to change it from mom to teacher and back again.  Getting back into the routine has been hard for them, as we are just starting.  I’m dealing with the summer’s over blues and trying to make the house a school again, however, we are getting there and it’s a start.

I would love to hear from other homeschool parents to see how they deal with the mom/teacher daily transitions!

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