Reading Challenge

Homeschool is officially finished. We were done school in early June, but weren’t actually complete until we finished our reading challenge.

Disclaimer:  We would have finished this challenge much earlier if we were better at recording our books. Much. Earlier.  Something to work on.

We recorded the books that my students (AKA those kids) read for independent reading and before bed. We wrote down the title of the book, author, and recorded the number. I made a large thermometer that hung above the kitchen table. I changed it at around increments of 20 books.

Reading Challenge 1        Reading Challenge 2

Our challenge ended with a pie-in-the-face “contest”.  It wasn’t really a contest, we just threw whipped cream at each other.  The kids loved it!  I could say I was just a good sport, but I love making a mess, probably more than the kids.  So I loved it also.  My middle son and the baby just wanted to throw the pies, the girls were the only ones getting messy.

IMG_2324             IMG_2328

This is something we will continue next year with some adjustments.  Starting homeschool at the end of the year was NUTS!  I’m looking forward to a more structured year for the 2016-2017 school year.

After the pie-in-the-face, we washed off in the sprinkler.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy summer!  I’m very excited to be planning for next year and exploring all the possibilities.

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