About Me

Teaching is tough, but you are tougher.

You have a larger class size than every before.

You need to reach students at varying levels from diverse backgrounds.

You have to constantly prove yourself against negative connotations of teaching.

You want your students to be their best and you sacrifice your precious time.

You strive to make a difference every day.

You want to learn the most efficient and effective ways to empower your students.

I'm here to help you do all of those things, to empower ALL students, to claim and rock your teaching crown like the king or queen that you are.


Because you are amazing, awesome, a true pioneer, and you deserve it.

My name is Ashley Brennan.  My teaching experience ranges from special education to elementary education to high school.  My passion is to empower students to have them realize their true potential and to lead other teachers on this path.  Through my experiences, I realized I was more than a teacher.  I was a motivator, an inspirer, and after I raised the self esteem and internal motivation of my students, content learning came naturally.  My task went far beyond teaching the content.  I shifted my teaching focus from content to meaningful experiences that incorporated the content.

My first year of teaching I was given a difficult class to say the least.  It was a split position.  I taught special education at the elementary level during the day and in the evening I taught a group of students in grades 9 through 12 who all had unique situations.  These students were expelled from school for drug use, alcohol abuse, bringing weapons to school, etc.  Some of my students had unique life situations that prevented them from a traditional day, such as becoming a teen parent.

The students were all taking different classes and all at different levels.  I quickly realized I could not teach them all this content in the three hour time period I had with them.  I had to motivate them and give them emotional leverage to do it themselves.  They all had it in them, but how would I bring it out?

I may have been the only cheerleader for these students.  There was little to no family support.  Most students were taking online classes and didn't even have internet in the home.  They were raising younger siblings or preparing to be parents.  I struggled with seeing drug abuse in the classroom, students still bringing weapons, and the instilled self doubt that was so engrained in them through their life experiences.

Still, we had to rise.  I gave them strategies. I believed in them when they didn't believe in themselves.  I pushed them beyond their limits. After the first year, every student graduated.  Some students were the only ones to earn a high school diploma in their entire family.  I still have tears in my eyes thinking about the graduation ceremony.  It was magical.

That's when I realized, the things I did in that classroom can be transferred to ANY classroom, to ANY student.  I started using them at the elementary level.  My special education students started to achieve at a higher level.  They were more motivated, the assignments were more meaningful to them.  Elementary students with absent parents began taking responsibility for their education.  The magic was happening again.

I'm here to  share these strategies with you.  Every teacher is important and is the most influential person in many child's lives. I want to help you take that to the next level.

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Teachers inspire me, and I look forward to working with you.