The Truth About Melted Crayon Art – Do not attempt with children

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Melted crayon art, the new craze. It looks like something cool and easy that you could do with the kids as a weekend art project. That’s what I thought anyway. The truth is, it’s not quick or easy and I have huge respect for anyone that actually completed a melted crayon art project. Extra respect if you did it with kids.

We love Disney. I decided to do a Disney silhouette melted crayon art project. That would be so cool for my new blog. What an awesome idea. How hard could it be to melt crayons? That wouldn’t take that long. It takes FOREVER….and a day.

I started this with my kids and we were doing ok. We unwrapped a bunch of crayons and hot glued them on the canvas. “How fun, we are doing great and enjoying each other’s company”, I thought.

That’s where things went downhill.

Melted Crayon Art 2Melted Crayon Art 1


The crayons were all pretty on the canvas, then I started blow drying to melt them. After 20 minutes the kids got restless. I’m sitting there with a blow dryer, a baby climbing on me, and two other cherubs commenting on how fast the crayons melt. “I think they are just getting warm.” “How long is this going to take?” Parents, you know how I was feeling at this point.

The crayons weren’t even starting to melt after 20 minutes. WTF?!??!!! There has to be an easier way.

I set up space heaters in front of the crayons for a good 30 minutes…annnndddd nothing.

Of course, I went to google, “faster way to melt crayons”. One of the results I got was to put them in a glue gun. Not recommended. Now, I need a new glue gun.

I even contemplated putting it in the oven, then I pictured my house burning down, so I decided against it.

Finally, trying to stay calm, I took a lighter to the crayons. That sure melts them. It also scorches the crayons and leaves them black, but that’s how most of the melting was done.

I wasted about two hours of my life sitting on the floor with a blow dryer and observing space heaters in front of canvas…the end result:

Melted Crayon Art 3Melted Crayon Art 4Melted Crayon Art 5


The crayons that look more melted (middle) are only that way from the lighter. Turns out I do not have the time or patience for melted crayon art.

Huge shout out to ANYONE who melts crayons. No wonder they are selling these on Etsy. They are not quick or easy. This is how my intended blog post about how to make Disney silhouette crayon art turned into a post about what it is really like to do crayon art.  Do not attempt with small children.

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